Jubilee Granites

Jubilee Granites India Pvt. Ltd.

ஜூப்லி கிரணைட்ஸ் இந்தியா பிரைவேட் லிமிடட்


Jubilee Granites was incorporated in 1992 as a private family owned company. The company operates its own quarries in different parts of South India and now has more than 100 employees. The different materials quarried are Black Galaxy, New Red and Black 'A'.

The Black Galaxy quarry is located in the village of Chimakurthy in the state of Andhra Pradesh and now produces around 5000 cubic metres per year. This material is black in colour medium grained and takes good polish. The golden yellow crystals of bronzite against the melanocratic background of gabbroy gives an appearance of “star stuffed sky”- thus called galaxy granite. Because of its twinkling character and unique nature, the Black Galaxy is very popular all over the world. The reserves of the quarry of Jubilee Granites are big enough to last for another 30 to 40 years. Many major projects have been done with the material quarried by the company.

The New Red quarry, uniform medium Flower is located in Dammur village, in Bellary District, in the state of Karnataka. New Red material can reach 2000 to 2500 cubic metres per year. Several projects in China have been done with this material.

The Black 'A' quarry is located in Nanjangud village in Mysore district in the state of Karnataka. This is the latest Royalty quarry started by the Company. Extraction activity began at end of 2010 and production has already reached around 100 cubic metres per month. The Black 'A' granite is fine grained, takes a very good polish, and is an excellent material for use in countertops and in exterior & interior use for all types of construction.

Jubilee Granites expects to make operational by the end of 2011 two more own black granite quarries. One mainly for monuments in Kunnam area named as 'Black magic' in Tamilnadu & one more construction Black material quarry in Chamrajnagar, Karnataka.